John Burt

Here you'll find information about my research and the software I'm developing

I study animal communication and bioacoustics. My primary interest is in bird song learning, and the use of song in complex signalling strategies. I am currently involved with a lab-based song sparrow song tutoring project at the University of Washington with Mike Beecher. Recently I studied the song behavior of banded wrens in conjunction with Sandy Vehrencamp at Cornell University. I live in Seattle, Washington.  

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Project pages:

 Mike Beecher's homepage, with information about the song learning and communication research I'm conducting in that lab.


The Banded Wren Project, For this project I am studying the function of song in a neotropical songbird called the banded wren..


The microphone array recording system I developed to study banded wrens.


Syrinx, a Windows 95/98 program for scientific sound recording, playback, editing and analysis.


A directional speaker I designed for interactive playback experiments.


Sim-Songbird A program that creates a simulated neighborhood of songbirds. I am developing this model to study how environmental conditions and strategic decisions by young birds lead to song sharing.


Hobby pages:

Model airplanes, my most obsessive hobby. Details and pictures of some of my models, along with some aerial videos.



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